Bobby Marks

“I’ve never been satisfied with leading a dull life, I always find myself wishing for something outside of my circumstances. When I was growing up, a closeted gay kid in a small suburban town, I felt trapped by my surroundings and writing maximalist, fun music was my escape from that life. It steered me in the direction I am today, I grew up, ventured out, moved to LA, and started exploring the world that I wanted to be in. Music was the path I felt destined to take.”

Bobby Marks is a singer, songwriter, and music producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Bobby’s songs are fine-tuned pop and dance tracks with infectiously catchy choruses. After years of honing his craft at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Bobby is finally ready to bring his pop perfection to the music-sphere.

 Writing since he was nine years old, Bobby’s work combines modern production values with melodic hooks that stand the test of time. No Bobby song is complete without a catchy, memorable chorus.  His discography avoids album filler to make way for hit-potential singles.